Once-Through Steam Generators

Express Integrated Technologies has developed a family of Once-through Steam Generators for the heavy oil production market which are  used in two production techniques—SAGD and CSS.

The Express Integrated Technologies Once-through Steam Generator is a traditional horizontal cylindrical design with unique water circuiting to enhance the performance of the OTSG.

Typical Features of OTSG Equipment

  • Flue Gas Recirculation – for NOx emission reduction
  • Heated Skid Enclosures – for improved operation & maintenance environment
  • On-line Steam Quality Measurement and pass balancing 
  • Forced Circulation Designs for ASME Quality Water
  • Self-contained Air Pre-Heater Systems
  • Integral Steam / Water Annex Buildings
  • Cr-Moly Pipe for improved erosion characteristics
  • 6 Pass 3-inch Designs
  • 4 Pass 4-inch Designs

Each unit is custom designed to client-specific project requirements. This includes thermal design, 3D modeling of all components, pipe stress analysis, instrumentation and controls design to provide a reliable product.